San Francisco, United States - March 2017  
Looking With Philip Buller
At "Human Patterns" his painting at Dolby Chadwich gallery .

A painter whose practice is influenced by a range of art-making techniques, Philip Buller explores patterns of human experience and organization by recognizing their echo in visual patterns. Buller recently started working from found photographs that frequently feature crowds. Beach Memory (2016), for instance, is dominated by a network of interlocking bodies, both moving and stationary. While individual actors and groups are engaged in unique behaviors and interactions, when taken together, they produce a rhythmic, harmonious arrangement. 

Philip Buller was born to American diplomat parents in Delhi, India in 1954, but spent his youth mostly in northern Virginia and his ancestral home of New England. Buller moved to northern California in the late 80ʼs. He received his BA in Painting and Drawing from Sonoma State University in 1992. Upon receiving his MFA from California College of Art in 1994, he taught private lessons and art classes at Santa Rosa Junior College for 10 years.