Tehran, Iran - January 2017  
Looking With Sara Shabanazad
At a white canvas in her apartment in Tehran.

I know Sara Shabanazad since we were kids. I always admired her personality and unique artworks. Therefore she was one of the painters that I really wanted to take her photo as a part of my "Looking With Artists" series.

When I went to Tehran during the New year holidays, I asked if I can take her photos, she replied yes, but lately I have been struggling how to express myself and I couldn't touch this white canvas yet. She added later: "People don't usually know about or even think of the amount of effort and thought that is put into the artistic process. It took me a few years to realize I wasn't the only one afraid to ruin a white canvas. It is a shared fear by many visual artists. In my view, everything that happens from the moment of inception up to the final execution and finished piece, is art."