San Francisco, United States - March 2015  
Looking With Peter Fox
At his acrylic painting "Absent Logic” at Scott Richards Contemporary Art Gallery.

Peter explains: "I make my ‘Process’ series paintings using acrylic paints. I arrange colors in a series of invented applicators, from which the paint drips onto inclined canvas, allowing chance and fluid dynamics a central role in shaping both process and outcome. Through observation and repetition, I gain a degree of control over the accidents I encourage.

The project began with a thought about disassembling and reconstructing languages, in critique of an orthodoxy that confines critical understanding to a kind of positivist conceptual algebra. This ‘algebra’ recognizes material objects as repositories of cultural reference, encoded with associations analogous to language. Focused on explication, ‘thingness’ – the quantifiable, identifiable – is emphasized. Content exists in the words, not the language.

I challenge the formula by feeding it an object language whose cultural references associate to indefiniteness, maintaining the form of the equation while leaving the variables undefined. It negates itself in its own unpacking. There are fewer ‘things’ to say. The object language I engage – with a smile – is ‘Abstract Painting’."